Senator Private Collection White Sauvignon Blanc+Riesling Italian+Feteasca Regala

115,00 lei

It may seem ironic, but Senator Private Collection, despite bringing together the best wines, is the range that was never provided in the development of the company.

Senator Private Collection arose from the need to let the best wines produced by Senator Wine express themselves to their true potential. And the perfection of the expression of some wines is their blending.

When the customers appreciated the wines from pure varieties, the Senator company modestly allowed itself to offer blends, ie blends of the best wines, on the principle of synergy: 1 + 1 make more than two, and the resulting wines have personalities independent. And, most importantly, they can only be created in Romania, because they are composed of pure Romanian varieties.

Senator Private Private Collection was created from Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Italico and Feteasca Regala wines

Senator Private Collection red was created from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Feteasca Neagra wines.

The wine presents a sparkling yellow-green veil which announces the flavors that it possesses of flowers and tropical fruits which favorises the recognition of the Sauvignon Blanc, but also discreet acacia flowers which belong to the Feteasca Regala and discreet pears and apples which announce the presence of the Riesling.
The taste comes as a follow-up to to the odorant flavors. It presents the same flowers and tropical fruits and also supports a good balance, accentuated by the intensity and the long lasting impression.


This wine goes well with more complex chicken and fish dishes with french garnishes.

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