Suav Muscat Ottonel Sweet

110,00 lei

„Suav” is the first range of wines dedicated to women. The wines that make up this range are aromatic varieties, the grapes being harvested when overcooked. The name of the range illustrates the characteristics of the wines (delicate, non-aggressive, refined), referring at the same time to the essence of the eternal feminine.

The labels contain three symbols that define the independent woman with the personality of today: an evening shoe with heels, a summer dress and a bag.


The wine has a yellow-golden robe, with green reflexes which incite the eye and prepare the nose for the strong floral and fruity flavors, that remind of ripe appricots, elder flowers, citrus fruits and a discreet hint of rose jam.


The taste is remarcable due to a sensual and fresh persistance, which offer this wine a smooth and long finish.

This wine can be served as an appetizer or accompanying dessert.

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