Varius Savignon Blanc

30,00 lei

Romanian is a language derived from Latin, the ancient language of ancient Rome. In Latin, Varius means „variety.” The senator chose this name to define the range of wines of international varieties from the company’s portfolio.

This old concept, and yet new, ultramodern, but combined with the local terroir and specificity, led us to the graphic concept of the label. The images of the designs on the Varius labels are over 2500 years old, but at the same time they emanate a modern spirit that could place them in any contemporary art gallery.

It is, in fact, the essence of the Varius wine range: wines from pure international varieties, vinified with ultramodern technologies, keeping untouched the local imprint of a country with a millennial oenological tradition.


Dressed with a yellow-green cape, the wine offers the ample flavors, with cranberries, passion fruit and grapefruit.
The taste is dominated by an intense and persistent fruitiness, accompanied by an accentuated freshness. It leaves a long lasting impression that enhances the finesse and balance of the wine.


This wine goes well with fish and chicken with rice assortments and sophisticated sauces. It goes vey well with seafood, especially with lobsters.

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