Glia Babeasca Neagra

115,00 lei

The „Glia” range brings together pure Romanian varieties vinified to the highest standards. All the wines from this range are matured in barrels, a premiere being the presence of the “Babeasca Neagra” variety barricaded.

The name of the range is an old Romanian word and refers to the furrow, the fertile land which is the most important thing in the concept of terroir specific to the Romanian viticultural areas.

The labels are elements of folk art to illustrate the pre-phylloxera origin of the Romanian varieties chosen especially for this range.


The wine impresses with its violet-deep red color, very rare for this variety, which suggests an exceptional year. The nose is very complex, combining aromas of parsley macerated in red wine with sour cherries and bitter cherries, accompanied by discreet notes of spices like white and gray pepper, as well as coffea and cocoa. The taste makes your thoughts go to velvet and the fruitiness dominates the entire taste of the wine helped by good acidity, and leaves a pleasant sensation of roundness and a strong body.

This wine goes best with dry meats and aged cheese, but it can also go very well with fish or steaks.

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