Varius Merlot

40,00 lei

Varius is a word of Latin origin, coming from the ancient language of ancient Rome and which brings to light the idea of variety and diversity.
In contrast to Monser, the Varius range was chosen to highlight the existence of a variety of wines from international varieties in the company’s portfolio.
This old and yet new concept has led us to the graphic concept of the label. The images on the Varius labels are over 2,500 years old, but at the same time they exude a modern spirit that could place them in any contemporary art gallery. It is, in fact, the essence of the Varius wine range: wines of pure international varieties, vinified with modern technologies but which keep the local and faithful imprint of the terroir specific to the sub-Carpathian area where the oenological tradition has a millennial voice (over 6000 years).


Wine type: Dry

Wine color: Red

Alcohol volume: 12.5%

Harvest year: 2013

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