Omnia Băbească Neagră

60,00 lei

“Omnia” is the first range of Romanian varieties consisting of wines obtained from organic grapes.
The beginning is in 2010 when we produced wines from only three varieties: Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Neagra and Babeasca Neagra, and then to introduce in the portfolio an international variety – Italian Riesling.
The word “OMNIA” comes from the Latin expression “omnia mea mecum porto” (everything I carry with me) and means “EVERYTHING”. The name of the range states that these wines represent everything that can be desired by those who embrace a healthy lifestyle while enjoying an authentic Romanian wine, without residues of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides or other chemicals that once administered to plants. , enters its body and migrates to the grapes from where they are easily transferred to wine. These molecules, once ingested in the human body, are very difficult to eliminate (sometimes even impossible!), By their accumulation becoming toxic and causing blockages of the entire metabolic and endocrine system and leading to the appearance of incurable diseases.
On the other hand, the wines gathered under this brand are ecological wines in which the composition of the grapes has been kept as faithful as possible with all the characteristics that every year, the natural factors have put in the grapes.
On the labels are reproduced images from terracotta tiles for old peasant stoves that refer to the deep and inseparable relationship of man with nature. The singer with the flute in the middle of nature unaltered by the effects of industrialization and pollution, the Dance with the Wolf or the Man talking to the bird, are just as many symbols that highlight man’s respect for nature and the environment with which he lives in close communion. This respect encouraged and motivated us in the decision to move to an eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible viticulture, which would perpetuate one of the oldest occupations of the Romanian peasant.
The grape varieties from which these wines were obtained are very old, traditionally cultivated in our country, grapes that have been used to produce wines that have accompanied our ancestors throughout their lives in the most important moments of their existence ( from baptism to the end of life).


Wine type: Dry

Wine color: Red

Alcohol volume: 12.5%

Harvest year: 2013

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