THE ODOBESTI CELLARS is a privately owned stock company operating in the field of wine production, conditioning and bottling. The Odobesti Cellars have their own vineyards but also collaborations with grape producers with a winemaking capacity of 100 – 200 tonnes / day.
Our winegrowers and winemakers, through their experience, professionalism and last but not least through their passion, manage to maintain in each variety of wine the characteristics of the area of origin, combining local tradition with modern technology. The controlled fermentation at controlled temperatures, together with the fruitiness and the natural acidity, give rise to a wine full of optimism that exudes a positive mood.

Bottled in classic glass bottles and in more modern packaging, such as BAG IN BOX, the wines produced by us always meet the same quality standards regardless of the type and capacity of the packaging.

Numerous studies conducted both in Romania and abroad have highlighted the qualities of wine and its effects on the human body. Improving digestion and blood circulation, reducing cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease are just some of the positive effects of quality wines, including those produced in our vineyards.

The wine produced by Odobesti is by excellence the wine that GOES TO YOUR HEART, because always a quality wine spoils your body and soul in equal measure.


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