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Cramele Odobești

4000 years ago in Thrace, now modern Romania, the Greek god Dionysus, son of Zeus and Semele was born, and with him a new form of agriculture appeared – winemaking. Four millennia have passed, four millennia of customs and traditions, four millennia of Romanian winemaking, culture and lifestyle. Cramele Odobești is a Romanian company proud of this legacy of vine growing and winemaking. Our portfolio includes traditional varieties as well as international varieties of the Terroir.

Cramele Odobești developed and extended its vineyards in vine growing areas throughout Romania. We now produce over 20 different types of wine, sectioned into different ranges and designed to suit every palate. Our wines are made from over 20 different grape varieties, hence Cramele Odobești offers the largest range of Romanian wines. This offers consumers the best wines from each individual area, thus achieving the highest international standards (as certified by ISO 9001 and HACCP).

Investment in the latest technology ensures all wines are of outstanding quality. From the harvest to the bottle each is prepared with passion. We export to over 20 countries worldwide, the biggest markets being China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Australia, Mexico, the USA and the European Union.


Address: Șoseaua Vrancei, DN2D, KM 10, Odobești – Vrancea

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